FabryGore McMillan

FabryGore McMillan (stage name of Fabrizio Ponti), is a musician and author, interpreter of feelings and emotions, who grew up in a family where there was no shortage of musicians and enthusiasts, among music sheets and musical instruments – including the piano, his first love.

Lover of every musical genre, without distinction, he soon discovered the charm of electronics and the sound from across the Channel.

After numerous collaborations with various bands (Breaking News, Dollars, Eclektica, etc.) his artistic growth exploded in the project that saw him co-founding M4TM: an Italian tribute to Depeche Mode, with which he found himself performing on numerous stages for several years, reaching almost 300 concerts throughout Italy and abroad.

At the tribute concerts, he alternated acoustic performances, re-proposing Depeche Mode’s music arranged for piano and voice, introducing his first original songs.

Over the years he has had various experiences, including creating music for events, multimedia works, theatre and advertising.

In 2015 the FabryGore McMillan original music project came to life with the publication of the first two singles, choosing to write lyrics in English to best suit his style.

The sound, refined and never ordinary, ranges from electronic music to rock with electroacoustic digressions and steampunk nuances, sometimes revisited with a hint of noir.
He can combine different styles in an effective and engaging mixture, in which his warm and emotional voice draws you into personal, magical and dreamlike worlds.
Inspiration comes from life paths, volatile and real, in which everyone can identify and find their interpretation.

From the creativity of FabryGore, and the passionate collaboration of 4 friends, the FabryGore & The Steam Band* project took life: innovative and surprising, it aims to present the music of the FabryGore McMillan project live.
Original songs characterized by elegant electronics, contaminated by different musical genres. An unconventional live show.

In recent years he has participated -both as a soloist and as a band- in various live shows, contests, radio and TV events, receiving much appreciation, even from professionals.

Noteworthy, is the “Best instrumental technique” award received at the 3DM Festival in September 2021 and the participation, on the stage of the Ariston Theater in Sanremo, as a national finalist of the Sanremo Rock & Trend Festival in 2021, in 2022 (ranked among the top 10 Italian rock bands) and in 2023.

In January 2024 he wrote and arranged the music of a children’s song nominated for the Zecchino d’Oro 2024.

On the occasion of the next Sanremo Rock 2024, the band from Brianza was invited among the 10 Bigs who will present themselves directly at the Festival Finale on the stage of the Ariston Theater in Sanremo.

Poetry in music, images and words, this is FabryGore McMillan.